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All in one solar system, inverter, battery, solar controller...all in one iron shell, output AC220V/110V,DC12V,DC5VUSB, to supply power for the electronic products such as MP3/mp4 player,hand phone, laptop, emergency light, electric fan, electric blanket, electric shaver, digital camera, digital video, TV, CD, DVD, game machine, cleaner, electric light etc.
Model Number: CRG/SA-M500W-S
Output Power: 401 - 500W
Output Type: Single
Generator ozone to kill virus
Model No.:: QBA-08
Disinfection for Mask, Mobile Phone....
Model No.:: QBA-07
Mobile Charging, LED Torch, Disinfection, Inbuilt Lithium Battery
Model No.:: QBA-06
Generate ultraviolet rays to kill virus.
Model No.:: QBA-05
Features: 1.True sine wave output; 2.High efficiency up to 92.2%; 3.Front panel indicator for operation status,Power ON-OFF switch,Remote control; 4.High power special plug; 5.Protections:Low battery/Over voltage/Over temp/Output short/Over load/Battery input reverse Connection; 6.Application:Lighting,Home appliance,Power tools,Office and portable equipment,Vehicle and yacht...etc; 7.Industrial Class Flushbonading Design; 8.5 years global warranty.
Model No.:: CRG/SI-P500W-C
Output Power:: 500W
Output Type:: Single Phase
Features 1.Simple and convenient ; 2.Environment friendly ; 3.Energy saving ; 4.Emergency lighting ; 5.Low-cost; Application 1.Home/House lighting 2.Remote area,mountainous area,desert area,grassland areas,Village,country area 3.Camping,outdoor activities,travelling Lighting at night
Input Voltage: AC220V/50Hz
Solar Controller Type: PWM
AC Voltage: AC220V
1)Small size, light weight, easy to carry. 2)Easy operation.Easy installation,you are fully capacable of doing it yourself 3)Be suitable for camp and travel lighting. 4)Charge for cell phone/MP3/MP4/ Digital Cameras etc. 5)MP3 player with Card reader, Speaker
Input voltage: 18V from solar panel
Output voltage: DC12V*6,USB5V*2
LED display: 4 Battery Level LED Indicators,1 solar power charg
1)Easy operation.Easy installation,you are fully capacable of doing it yourself 2)Be suitable for camp and travel lighting. 3)Charge for cell phone/MP3/MP4/ Digital Cameras etc. 4)Be used for temporary lighting ,fieldwork lighting,camping ect
Input voltage: 18V(from solar panel)
Output voltage: USBDC5V x 2, DC12V x 8
LED display: LCD Display
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